Whose Dream Is This?

In A Dream - Signed Edition

To celebrate the Swiss premier of Julianknxx’s film In A Dream We Are At Once Beautiful and the film’s associated performance Whose Dream is This, the artist is releasing a 7″ vinyl featuring compositions from the film and additional, original music and poems  from Julianknxx and his cast of close collaborators including anaiis, Paul Cousins, Aron Kyne, Thabo and. This special limited release of signed and editioned records also includes a print from the film In A Dream We Are At Once Beautiful.

Made in four Swiss cities, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne, Julianknxx’s film In A Dream We Are At Once examines the lines between reality and fantasy, and our ability to dream on our own terms – asking, whose dreams are we attempting to live? 

Presented as a two-channel film, shot in 2.39:1 widescreen, the film offers a series of rich vignettes that play with the integration of nature and urbanity within these cities. It is punctuated with stanzas from Julianknxx’s poem, As Long As The Sun Lasts, and an original score born from a collaboration between the artist and musician anaiis. The camera slowly flows toward and through spaces as though it has been seduced by the setting – leaving the viewer to question whether the film’s cast are subjects or protagonists in the work as they float, stand and move through the landscape.

Limited edition of 150, numbered and signed by Julianknxx, Whose Dream is This is pressed on black 7″ vinyl, designed by Zak Group.


Side A

1. Whose Dream is This

Side B

1. Bloom

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